Recently in our IAJW Journal Writing Tribe Facebook Group, I posted the following:

As a journaler and writer, I love the power of words! I always notice language, stories, quotes, books, and inspiration through words. For fun/interest, what is ONE word you have been noticing often during this past week?

Here are the words that have been offered from various members of our Facebook group…

pivot, unprecedented, surge, delight, thank you, silver linings, reset, gratitude, catalyst, pause, typically, abundance, shelter, context, perfect, grace, incubation, uncertainty, gaslighting, create, pandemic, cacophony, survive, social distancing, Zoom, plateau, flatten, lighthouse, isolation, virus, ventilator, love, hearts, grace, perfect


Step 1: Please create a journal entry, a poem, a story, anything at all by using as many of these words offered above in your writing.

Step 2: Share you writing in the comments below.

Let’s use words from this time as inspiration for our journaling, creative self-expression and sharing together.  Have fun! I am working on my entry and will share it in the next couple of days too.

The first person to share their writing in a comment below will win a fun prize, because who doesn’t love to win a prize!