Nicolle Nattrass’s professional expertise is a result of her distinct and unique careers in Counselling, Theatre, Writing and Teaching. She is a Certified Addiction Counsellor CAC II and BFA graduate from University of Victoria in Theatre. Nicolle is proud to be part of the IAJW Journal Council with the International Association for Journaling Writing. She is also a Jessie Award nominated actress (CAEA), playwright (PGC), and contributing author of the forthcoming new book, Transformational Journaling for Coaches & Clients: The Complete Guide to the Benefits of Personal Writing (Routledge, 2021) by Lynda Monk & Eric Maisel (Eds.).  Nicolle is the author of four Creative Journaling courses. She has recently published her first book, Just the Two of Us (a soft place for tender hearts to land), a tender-hearted guide on how to use Creative Journaling as a key recovery tool to help children (age 4 and up) to connect and process stress, anxiety and trauma.

A dedicated counsellor and consultant in personal and professional creative self-care, she believes in carrying a message to empower others through her work, whether it is as an actor, writer or as Addiction counselor. Nicolle is a champion for self-care and artistic expression with the focus on ENJOYMENT! She creates courses & workbooks that are easy to use, powerful and inspiring. Nicolle values individual connection and offers a 30 minute coaching (one-on-one) session with her journaling clients. In her courses, Nicolle strives to offer a balance of guidance and freedom for her journaling clients, “no rules but opportunities to tune in for self- care to transform and move forward to the next step in your journey.”

Nicolle is the author of our IAJW course, Creative Journaling for Self-Care – check it out!  She is also the author of our IAJW product,  Just the Two of Us