Emelie Hill Dittmer is a therapeutic writing educator, journalist, and author of the Swedish guidebook Skriv för att läka – En guide i reflekterande skrivande (Write to Heal – A Guide to Reflective Writing).
She has many years of experience in guiding healing writing processes in England and Sweden, both with groups and through individual supervision, including several Swedish Community Colleges and support groups within social services in municipalities in Sweden.

Her personal story is a driving force behind her work. As a third-generation survivor of the holocaust, she has researched her family’s history and trauma legacy in depth.
Emelie is in the process of establishing a Writing Therapist Training Programme at the Sundsgården Academy in Helsinborg, which will be the first of its kind in Sweden. She is currently working on her second guidebook titled The Therapeutic Writing Toolbox.

”There are many layers to a story and perspectives to take into consideration. By digging deep and experimenting with an open mind, we have a lot to gain. When piecing my family trauma together, it became a true journey in every sense; I gained a whole new understanding of who I am, where I have been and where I’m going. This underlies my teaching, and it’s my sincere wish for my students to experience, unfold and discover this powerful and beneficial process.”