Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey

Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey

This Write to Map Your Spiritual Journey workbook offers you a guided format for exploring and writing your own story. Stretch beyond your usual limits to learn about various earth-based practices and develop your writing as a spiritual practice.

With over 100 beautifully designed pages, Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey is filled with inspiration, personal stories, soulful explorations and heartfelt writing activities. This truly is a pilgrimage on the page!

You will begin your journey by establishing a regular, self-nourishing spiritual practice. Mary Ann will show you how to set the stage for a sustainable practice of stillness and exploration.

Using earth-based traditions, goddess spirituality and the ancient traditions of many cultures as her base, Mary Ann shares her story to nurture you in telling your own.

Each of the eight chapters has an intentional beginning and end – the perfect way to help you hold the energy and space for your journey. Discover many rituals and practices to create a deep and satisfying creative and soulful experience.

At each stage of the journey presented in this self-guided writing journey, you will be encouraged and supported to tell your story in your own way. You will be inspired by words of wisdom from others, poems that connect to the heart, and a vast list of resources for further exploration should you desire.

Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey offers an opportunity to get back in touch with what is sacred in the earth and sacred in yourself.

This is a beautifully designed digital product that is immediately sent your way as a PDF at the time of purchase.

Buy now and enjoy!

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Before the time of organized religion, people worshipped the Goddess and called the earth, Mother. The goddesses teach us all sorts of things including how to live in community, peacefully, respecting Nature and the sacred in the every day. Imagine communities where women and girls are honoured for all their talents, including their creativity, and where men are their supportive allies. The goddesses teach us to respect our bodies, to create rituals to mark the important changes in our lives, to gather with other girls and women in circles to support one another and tell our stories.

Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey is made up of eight sessions with Mary Ann’s personal essays and teachings about earth-based practices including goddess spirituality as well as guidelines for beginning and ending each of your writing sessions.

Be inspired by reading about the Aya Sofya (Aghia Sophia in Greek) in Istanbul where Christianity, Islam and goddess spirituality have been celebrated in one magnificent building. Consider your own spiritual beliefs by “calling in the directions” of the Celtic Medicine Wheel. Create a “naming ceremony” for yourself based on a ceremony of the Tewa people of New Mexican pueblo society.

You determine your own pace, with working through this guided writing journey. As you write you will realize your potential and your desires as you record those things, people, experiences and places that reveal your unique and personal story. As well as journaling prompts for your writing practice, there are suggestions for visual exploration, chanting, and movement and resources for further reading and listening.

Imagine yourself, wherever you are, exploring and discovering your own story as others do the same and have done for thousands of years.

Specifically, Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey offers you:

Guidelines for getting started on a regular, self-nourishing spiritual practice; essays and teachings by Mary Ann Moore along with inspirational quotes and poetry; writing practice suggestions for each session; and resources for further exploration. Following each chapter, are reminders about beginning your writing as a spiritual practice session and reminders for a “gentle return” to your daily life.

Workbook Overview:

Introduction and Invocation

Chapter One:          Getting Started on a Regular, Self-Nourishing Spiritual Practice

Chapter Two:          The Story of Your Name

Chapter Three:       Your Symbols

Chapter Four:         Your Beliefs

Chapter Five:          Your Home

Chapter Six:            Honouring Your Ancestors

Chapter Seven:       Memory Walk

Chapter Eight:        Your Relationship with Nature

Conclusion:             The End of the Journey: A Gentle Return

Each chapter offers…

  • “A Place to Begin” and a “Gentle Return” to help you establish your writing as a spiritual practice and get in touch with your own story
  • Personal essays, teachings and poetry by Mary Ann Moore
  • Inspirational quotes from writers such as:
    – Christina Baldwin
    – Paula M. Reeves
    – Thomas Moore
    – Jan Phillips
    – Starhawk
    – Octavio Paz
  • Writing Practice prompts (several from which to choose for each session)
  • Resources for further reading and listening

What to expect:  You will receive instant access to this workbook at the time of purchase.  While you have access to the entire workbook immediately, it is recommended you work at your own pace through the chapters. Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey is to establish your own rules and guidelines.

The writing practice prompts can be timed for ten or fifteen minutes and then you can continue beyond that time if you would like to. It’s up to you, how long you want to spend with each writing practice and how deeply you want to venture at any given time. Find your own rhythm that feels just right for you. This is a practice that is unique and sacred to you.

WRITING TO MAP YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY workbook is designed for anyone who:

  • has a desire to establish a spiritual practice that is uniquely theirs
  • appreciates the value of getting in touch with one’s own story
  • would like to learn more about peaceful, earth-based cultures
  • is curious about pagan and earth-based practices before the time of organized religion such as a Tewa naming ceremony and “calling in the directions” of the Celtic medicine wheel
  • would like to learn about goddess archetypes such as Hestia, “keeper of the hearth” or Artemis who is identified with nature, wild animals, fertility and birth
  • would like to honour the fullness of their own life experiences
  • wishes to remember the divine feminine and embrace their female and male teachers
  • has a desire to slow down to a natural rhythm


During the course of this workbook, you will: 

  • create your own writing as a spiritual practice
  • learn about peaceful, earth-based practices including in Catal Hoyuk, an ancient city in Anatolia (Turkey) and the Flowering Tree Ceremony from Native American Sweet Medicine traditions
  • experience visual and movement practices such as the Five Sacred Rhythms™ of Gabrielle Roth
  • read poetry by Mary Ann Moore as well as a “found poem” from the writing of Jan Phillips
  • embrace your creative self along with the journey and the story that are yours
  • become a better listener because you have listened to your own story first

Buy now and start writing to map spiritual journey!

Mary Ann Moore

Mary Ann Moore brings her passion for poetry and for writing as a spiritual and wellness practice to the Writing Life Circles she offers in Nanaimo, British Columbia and beyond. As a poet, writer, writing mentor and circle leader, Mary Ann has almost thirty years of experience writing in community and finds great delight in seeing people awaken their creative potential. She has written a writing guide called Writing Home: A Whole Life Practice and Mary Ann’s poetry, fiction and personal essays have appeared in chapbooks, literary journals, and anthologies including Living Artfully: Reflections from the Far West Coast and The Great Book of Journaling. Her books of poetry are Fishing for Mermaids (Leaf Press) and Mending (house of appleton) published in the spring of 2023. Mary Ann’s website is maryannmoore.ca where she also writes a blog.

Mary Ann’s amazing offerings in our IAJW Journaling Store are:

Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey – a Journal Writing Product from the The International Association for Journal Writing (iajw.org)

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"Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey is a rich resource of inspiration for women who want to write below the surface of their lives. Drawing from many years of conducting women’s writing circles, her extensive travels and knowledge of diverse cultural and spiritual traditions, Mary Ann Moore offers a wealth of writing prompts, exercises, and creative suggestions to guide our explorations of our own spiritual journeys. Weaving together folklore, mythology, and ritual from many cultures, her own ancestral legacy, and detailed description of her spiritual pilgrimage in search of rediscovered Goddess religions, the book is enriched by the author’s poetry and generous sharing of her personal experience through the years. While reading, your memory and imagination will be enlivened and inspired. Better yet, you will feel compelled to take up pen and notebook and begin writing!"  ~ Dr. Marlene Schiwy, who lives in Vancouver, offers Body Soul Writing workshops, expressive arts programs, and Jungian seminars for women in Canada and internationally. A former professor of literature and women’s studies in the City University of New York, she is the author of three books including A Voice of Her Own: Women and the Journal Writing Journey, and Gypsy Fugue: An Archetypal Memoir. Marlene’s extensive filmed interviews with the beloved Jungian analyst Marion Woodman, Marion Woodman and the Conscious Feminine, offer a comprehensive overview of Woodman’s work and writing. Her website is: marleneschiwy.com   Mary Ann Moore has years of experience guiding women’s writing and creativity circles. In Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey she invites you to make room in your life for journal writing as a spiritual practice. Her work, part memoir and part handbook, demonstrates how she integrates various woman-affirming teachings and rituals into her own daily practice and explains how you can do it too.  Antoinette Spoor has been a frequent participant in Women’s Writing Circles offered by Mary Ann Moore.   Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey by Mary Ann Moore is an inspiring blend of story, remembrances, poetry, goddess lore, and creative activities. The reader is invited on a treasure hunt of memories, ideas and beliefs that express the reader’s story. A journaling practice is enhanced by writing activities that stimulate curiosity and reflection. The use of visual journal activities, for example, collage and mapping eased my way into the writing. The journal became a personal refection of my history, my desires and my questions. This is a guide I will go back to often for inspiration and solace.  Mary-Jean Burrows is a writer/poet, creative dreamer, retired educator, who lives in Saltair, Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada.    In Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey Mary Ann Moore opens up a safe space for women to explore their own lives from a place of deep wisdom and inner knowing. She gently invites her readers to pick up the pen and embrace their own life, with love, with authority, with compassion and creativity. As an added bonus, for anyone who has travelled to Turkey, or wishes to, the author evokes some of the sights of that ancient culture, including reflections on the Hagia Sophia, and the natural wonders in Cappadocia.  Mary Ann takes us on a personal journey giving readers permission to unfold their own. Her writing exercises in each chapter provide a rich variety of starting points to create a personal map that testifies to the sacredness and divinity of your own life’s pilgrimage. Her invitation offers new horizons for anyone who will slow down and take the time to remember that our lives matter. Ray McGinnis is author of Writing the Sacred: A Psalm-inspired Path to Appreciating and Writing Sacred Poetry and Unanswered Questions: What the September Eleventh Families’ Asked and the 9/11 Commission Ignored   Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey is a must have for journalists, memoirists, poets and everyone else who writes.  Mary Ann Moore has a solid understanding of the creative process and has created a self guided pilgrimage that will connect you to your ancestors, to the goddesses, to nature and ultimately to your own creative energy. This is a journey you will not want to rush.  Each chapter is full of information, writing practices, examples and suggestions for further reading which will open doors you will want to take time to explore.  I highly recommend Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey.  It is rich with ideas and it is exquisitely formatted with engaging photography, art work and inspirational quotes.  It is one of the best books on writing that I’ve seen. Marlene Dean is a retired educator, freelance writer and poet.  Her work has been published in literary journals, anthologies and newspapers in the U.S. and Canada.   Far beyond being a manual of instruction, this engaging book [Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey] is a treasure-trove of inspiration and motivation, while offering samples of excellent and evocative writing -- by Moore herself, as well as a sparkling array of well-chosen, like-minded fellow writers. It provides a site for self-reflection and increased understanding of one’s own feelings, aspirations, thoughts, and even identity. Moore also shares her personal spiritual path, one rich in learnings from travel and personal exploration, only when appropriate and in a suggestive rather than prescriptive spirit. Sandra Vida has, for over three decades, produced innovative works in photo-based collage, performance, film, video and installation. She is an advocate for the arts and arts groups and has been nominated for a Governor-General’s Award in media arts. Sandra lives in Calgary, Alberta where she received an Established Artist Award from Calgary’s mayor for her dedication to the Calgary arts community.   Mary Ann’s workbook [Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey] guides one, in the gentlest, most reverent way, to discovering one’s own spiritual history. She takes us by the hand to walk us through a garden of ideas to discover who we are, what made us, how we are related to not only our ancestors, but goddesses. She helps us accept ourselves just as we are by sharing her own story in tiny bits and longer stories. This book, rich in inspiration, history, the gifts of the feminine, the magic of intent, and the importance of goddesses in our lives, guides us to explore our own spiritual path through exercises that create self-knowledge, encourage self-acceptance, and embrace a wonderful wholeness. I cannot recommend “Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey” with more fervour!  Stephanie Clark is writer/editor, bead artist, and workshop facilitator who lives in Elora, Ontario.   Mary Ann Moore takes us by the hand for a spiritual walk and helps us [in] finding the quiet markers on our map: memories, emotions, thoughts, and our stories. She is like any good mother or teacher, asking questions, giving time to answer, and allowing us to be who we are. The book design [of Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey] is a delight, with beautiful typography and layout, quotes and poems. It’s well illustrated and has adorable little details like mandalas around the page numbers. . . . This book is a generous guide on our personal journey, and a dear companion on difficult days. Titia Jetten is a professional visual artist/designer/maker who teaches concept development, visual storytelling and collage. Titia lives on Vancouver Island, B.C. with her family and two black cats.   Mary Ann Moore’s workbook, Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey, is the perfect antidote for writers during these difficult and isolating Covid-19 times!   Whether you are looking for a new focus or direction in your work or need a renewed spark of spiritual energy and earth-wisdom, I urge you to take this special writer’s journey.  Through the careful stewardship and wisdom of Mary Ann, shared in these workbook pages, unexpected doors will open.  This journey will set you on a path of regular exploration and writing practice.  You will explore your own symbols, beliefs, memories, the story of your own name, and the mythologies of your ancestors.  You will renew your relationship with nature.  Many peaceful, earth-based practices will be rekindled.  You will come away refreshed, calm, and creatively nourished.  Whatever genre is your passion, you will grow and change and become a better writer, more fulfilled in your creativity. The workbook is beautifully designed and written with ease and continuity.  One day at a time, one chapter at a time, you will be surprised by what you will discover and re-discover. Don’t miss this opportunity now, when we all need it most. Diana Hayes is the author of six published books, the most recent being Labyrinth of Green: Poems and Photographs. Her poetry is also on CD: Deeper into the Forest. Diana is the publisher of Raven Chapbooks and is a year-round ocean swimmer which inspired the formation of the Salt Spring Seals. She lives on Salt Spring Island, B.C.

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