Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey

Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey

This Write to Map Your Spiritual Journey workbook offers you a guided format for exploring and writing your own story. Stretch beyond your usual limits to learn about various earth-based practices and develop your writing as a spiritual practice.

With over 100 beautifully designed pages, Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey is filled with inspiration, personal stories, soulful explorations and heartfelt writing activities. This truly is a pilgrimage on the page!

You will begin your journey by establishing a regular, self-nourishing spiritual practice. Mary Ann will show you how to set the stage for a sustainable practice of stillness and exploration.

Using earth-based traditions, goddess spirituality and the ancient traditions of many cultures as her base, Mary Ann shares her story to nurture you in telling your own.

Each of the eight chapters has an intentional beginning and end – the perfect way to help you hold the energy and space for your journey. Discover many rituals and practices to create a deep and satisfying creative and soulful experience.

At each stage of the journey presented in this self-guided writing journey, you will be encouraged and supported to tell your story in your own way. You will be inspired by words of wisdom from others, poems that connect to the heart, and a vast list of resources for further exploration should you desire.

Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey offers an opportunity to get back in touch with what is sacred in the earth and sacred in yourself.

This is a beautifully designed digital product that is immediately sent your way as a PDF at the time of purchase.

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Before the time of organized religion, people worshipped the Goddess and called the earth, Mother. The goddesses teach us all sorts of things including how to live in community, peacefully, respecting Nature and the sacred in the every day. Imagine communities where women and girls are honoured for all their talents, including their creativity, and where men are their supportive allies. The goddesses teach us to respect our bodies, to create rituals to mark the important changes in our lives, to gather with other girls and women in circles to support one another and tell our stories.

Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey is made up of eight sessions with Mary Ann’s personal essays and teachings about earth-based practices including goddess spirituality as well as guidelines for beginning and ending each of your writing sessions.

Be inspired by reading about the Aya Sofya (Aghia Sophia in Greek) in Istanbul where Christianity, Islam and goddess spirituality have been celebrated in one magnificent building. Consider your own spiritual beliefs by “calling in the directions” of the Celtic Medicine Wheel. Create a “naming ceremony” for yourself based on a ceremony of the Tewa people of New Mexican pueblo society.

You determine your own pace, with working through this guided writing journey. As you write you will realize your potential and your desires as you record those things, people, experiences and places that reveal your unique and personal story. As well as journaling prompts for your writing practice, there are suggestions for visual exploration, chanting, and movement and resources for further reading and listening.

Imagine yourself, wherever you are, exploring and discovering your own story as others do the same and have done for thousands of years.

Specifically, Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey offers you:

Guidelines for getting started on a regular, self-nourishing spiritual practice; essays and teachings by Mary Ann Moore along with inspirational quotes and poetry; writing practice suggestions for each session; and resources for further exploration. Following each chapter, are reminders about beginning your writing as a spiritual practice session and reminders for a “gentle return” to your daily life.

Workbook Overview:

Introduction and Invocation

Chapter One:          Getting Started on a Regular, Self-Nourishing Spiritual Practice

Chapter Two:          The Story of Your Name

Chapter Three:       Your Symbols

Chapter Four:         Your Beliefs

Chapter Five:          Your Home

Chapter Six:            Honouring Your Ancestors

Chapter Seven:       Memory Walk

Chapter Eight:        Your Relationship with Nature

Conclusion:             The End of the Journey: A Gentle Return

Each chapter offers…

  • “A Place to Begin” and a “Gentle Return” to help you establish your writing as a spiritual practice and get in touch with your own story
  • Personal essays, teachings and poetry by Mary Ann Moore
  • Inspirational quotes from writers such as:
    – Christina Baldwin
    – Paula M. Reeves
    – Thomas Moore
    – Jan Phillips
    – Starhawk
    – Octavio Paz
  • Writing Practice prompts (several from which to choose for each session)
  • Resources for further reading and listening

What to expect:  You will receive instant access to this workbook at the time of purchase.  While you have access to the entire workbook immediately, it is recommended you work at your own pace through the chapters. Writing to Map Your Spiritual Journey is to establish your own rules and guidelines.

The writing practice prompts can be timed for ten or fifteen minutes and then you can continue beyond that time if you would like to. It’s up to you, how long you want to spend with each writing practice and how deeply you want to venture at any given time. Find your own rhythm that feels just right for you. This is a practice that is unique and sacred to you.

WRITING TO MAP YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY workbook is designed for anyone who:

  • has a desire to establish a spiritual practice that is uniquely theirs
  • appreciates the value of getting in touch with one’s own story
  • would like to learn more about peaceful, earth-based cultures
  • is curious about pagan and earth-based practices before the time of organized religion such as a Tewa naming ceremony and “calling in the directions” of the Celtic medicine wheel
  • would like to learn about goddess archetypes such as Hestia, “keeper of the hearth” or Artemis who is identified with nature, wild animals, fertility and birth
  • would like to honour the fullness of their own life experiences
  • wishes to remember the divine feminine and embrace their female and male teachers
  • has a desire to slow down to a natural rhythm


During the course of this workbook, you will: 

  • create your own writing as a spiritual practice
  • learn about peaceful, earth-based practices including in Catal Hoyuk, an ancient city in Anatolia (Turkey) and the Flowering Tree Ceremony from Native American Sweet Medicine traditions
  • experience visual and movement practices such as the Five Sacred Rhythms™ of Gabrielle Roth
  • read poetry by Mary Ann Moore as well as a “found poem” from the writing of Jan Phillips
  • embrace your creative self along with the journey and the story that are yours
  • become a better listener because you have listened to your own story first

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Mary Ann Moore

Mary Ann Moore brings her passion for poetry and for writing as a spiritual and wellness practice to the Writing Life Circles she offers in Nanaimo, British Columbia and beyond. As a poet, writer, writing mentor and circle leader, she has twenty years of experience writing in community and finds great delight in seeing people awaken their creative potential. She offers a nine-month mentoring program, by distance, called Writing Home: A Whole Life Practice. Mary Ann’s poetry, fiction and personal essays have appeared in chapbooks; literary journals including Prairie Fire, Carousel, Room, Freefall and Vallum; anthologies including Living Artfully: Reflections from the Far West Coast; and on CD: When My Heart is Open. Her book reviews and travel pieces have appeared in the Vancouver Sun, the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Vitality magazine, More Living magazine and at storycirclebookreviews.org. A full-length book of her poems, Fishing for Mermaids, was published by Leaf Press in 2014. Mary Ann writes a blog at www.apoetsnanaimo.ca

“Mary Ann Moore brings a sensitivity and warmth of spirit that is truly inspiring. Through gentle guidance and original writing prompts, she cultivates the tranquility necessary for deep reflection. . . .She brings honour, respect and joyous celebration to the act of writing.”

Dr. Win Mellor-Hay
Bolton, Ontario


“Mary Ann's course "Remembering Our Earth Mother: Remembering Our Selves” is a loving way to ground one’s spirituality. I enjoyed the course so much I would like to take it again!”

Antoinette Spoor
Nanaimo, B.C.


"I felt I found exactly what I needed when I joined this writing circle [Remembering the Goddess: Mapping Your Spiritual Journey}: an accepting space to explore what I really thought and felt. Given this kind of space, it is amazing what happens in terms of your personal insights into your own story as well as your ability to articulate them powerfully through your writing. I became a better writer through this circle and I connected more deeply with my unique life journey."

Melissa Sky
Waterloo, Ontario


"What began as a very personal journey has grown and expanded. I apply what I have learned and discovered through Mary Ann Moore’s circles and her writing to every aspect of my life including my work. It is more than just writing. It is about listening and communication. It is about creativity and thinking outside the box. It is about exploring new ideas and learning how to apply in very practical and concrete ways what we discover in our writing. Writing is a process and practice you can revisit many times with guidelines from Mary Ann that mean you can go as deep as you want. Mary Ann is a creative and inspiring writer, poet and circle facilitator.”

Beth Hancox
Victoria, B.C.


"All my days, journaling was key to my moving forward with fresh life-juice. But midlife changed everything. Without warning, I stopped writing and could not start again. Out of the blue, I read of someone offering a series of writing workshops near me. I leapt in, eager for the kind of happy hard work I could no longer do alone. 

That someone was Mary Ann Moore. She became the mentor whose inspired guidance renewed my passion for writing. Our workshops soared, thanks to her lovely writing-practice “maps” and her gentle, focused suggestions. Each new effort nourished my parched creativity as naturally as rainfall, and the effects rippled out to re-green every facet of my busy life.

Nowadays I keep my writing practice alive by whatever means I can, grateful for that vital head-start years ago. My trust in the power of my creative process is rooted in the wise strategies that enriched my treasury through Mary Ann's quiet, good-humoured, and deeply insightful mentoring. They're my favourite form of living, breathing wealth.

Looking back at my personal evolution through this stirring yet soothing time, I am grateful for all that was unearthed as I mapped My Spiritual Journey; that is, for all that arose into the light for me to claim, shape, and use as I wish."

Mary Catharine Wilson-Pote
St. Catharines, Ontario

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