30 Day Journal to Shatter Your Money Glass Ceiling

30 Day Journal to Shatter Your Money Glass Ceiling

By Sally Harrison

This is a guided journal written for you if you want to break through the invisible barriers which stop you earning and attracting what you need to live the life you want, doing what you love. More than just a journal, it is like having a financial coach by your side to support and guide you to explore how to train your mindset muscles for success.

This journal arrives as an instant download pdf.

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30 Days to Shatter Your Money Glass Ceiling –
A Thirty Day Journal by Sally Harrison

This easy to use practical pdf journal will be your daily companion on a 30 day journey as you…
• Uncover the unconscious money blocks which you hold you back
• Explore the dangerous money mindsets which keep you under-earning
• Understand that it is never “just about the money”
• Get coached to create powerful new habits and beliefs
• Build confidence in asking for what you need
• Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want
• Discover how much you really want to earn or manifest – and why

You will understand how using a journal allows you to detach from your past negative events and problems.
You will focus on the future you want to create.

Imagine – you are happier, more productive and efficient, because you no longer spend time stressing about your financial situation.

You charge what your work is worth, with a new confidence.
Your bank account reflects your hard work.

A safe and private space
Your journal will become a safe and private space in which to explore your own personal money blocks and rewrite your money story to support your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Spoiler alert: Money issues are usually accompanied by a large side order of emotion, and under-earning is a self-inflicted condition. Which means that we have the ability to reverse it ourselves, with a little support and guidance.

Let this 30 Day Journal be your guide, companion, coach, support and inspiration all at once!

Buy now and begin your 30 Day financial self-discovery journey.

“I think your journal is really great! I love the way it makes me think about 'money' from so many different angles. And all that without looking chaotic. It is very structured and the order of the topics is great.”  ~ Ms J ter Maten, Netherlands

“I think that the journal is fabulous.  From the outset it feels like you have created a strategy to help MY circumstances after a personal consultation. It's really clever how you've written it in such an empathetic way which shows that the emotions the user is experiencing are not unique to them. I felt from the Day 1 exercise that you understand what I am thinking and that there is a way through and I was motivated to read on. Even the exercise title inspired me and gave me a sense of excitement to regain control of my business and rekindled my enthusiasm to make it a success” ~ Adrian Tomlin - Freelance Sound Recordist, UK

“First I have to say that it’s beautifully presented and the structure is easy to follow… By the time I reached day 7 I wanted to see day 8 and beyond.  I’m not sure you can ask for better than that!” ~ David Cadogan - IELTT Language School, Valencia, Spain

“I love the look and feel of Sally’s journal.  It has a thoughtful structure with a clearly presented plan…. Sally’s ability to share her vast experience in such a friendly, accessible way is refreshing and very timely” ~ Michelle McMaster - Mental Health Practitioner, Northern Ireland

“There are so many ideas and suggestions here that I suspect everyone could benefit from what is covered” ~ MT, UK


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