The IAJW has re-awakened, has been re-branded, and is ready to inspire and nourish journal writers everywhere.

Celebrate with us and listen to Ruth Folit (Founder & past Director) and myself, Lynda Monk (new IAJW Director) as we share an informative and inspired conversation together (watch the video below) where…

  • Ruth provides the founding story of the IAJW, why she started it, what she loved the most about leading this organization and a bit about how journal writing has impacted her own life
  • She will identify her reasons for passing the IAJW leadership baton forward to Lynda Monk, New Director
  • Together, we will share our vision for the future of the IAJW
  •  We invite you to listen to our history, as it is the foundation of where we are going next. We hope you will be part of this journaling journey, where writing enriches us individually and together. Thank you for being here.