This month, our IAJW Member Spotlight Interview is with Angela Clay who is from the United States.

Angela, who also goes by Angie, has a bright energy and her presence can be felt through even an email exchange.  Her positive energy and sense of humour can be felt in her member spotlight interview that follows…

Why did you join the IAJW?

I wanted to be in a community with other habitual journaling lovers! You know, people who are not ashamed to carry their journals in their bags and pull them out when the need arises to wildly fill in thoughts that are begging to land on blank pages.

What do you like best about journal writing?

I love the smell of fresh ink on paper.  I am pretty bougie when it comes to what I write on and there are only a few pens that I will write with.  My favorite pens are Bic Blue Velocity 1.6 ballpoint and black Ultra Thin Sharpies.  I read the Diary of Anne Frank when I was younger and it was when I was on the last page that I decided that I wanted to leave my own legacy behind.  I had the plan all mapped out, with my great-great-great-great niece or nephew stumbling upon my old journals. Then being so inspired to go on a quest to find out who was Angela Clay?

That might just be cliche or the ramblings of a 14-year-old girl.  Honestly, does anyone really remember their four times back great aunties and grandmas? I was determined to not be forgotten.

I find that journaling will let my story live on even after I am long gone.  For them to be discovered by the person who is like me inquisitive, and creative looking for inspiration to discuss my life story in small coffee shops or at buzz-worthy dinners.  I would love for my future crinkle pages to become a muse for someone else.  

What is one journal writing tip that you would like to share?

Most people ask me “How can I make journaling a habit?”  I simply say, “write until you crave it.”  You simply have to make the decision to do it and give it time to yield results.

What is one of your favourite books on journal writing or creative inspiration?

Freedom Seeker by Beth Kempton

The one thing I would like you to know about me is

Whenever I am overwhelmed I typically will pull out my planner and plan.  I will write about how I want to feel and then I align my tasks to achieve that desired outcome.  I really wanted to say something that was jaw-dropping worthy… but I am glad that my life has now opted for simplicity and is reaching for kicking hustle culture to the curb.

My favourite part of being an IAJW member is…

Being in company with fellow writers and the ability to sit in someone else’s “word kitchen” and get served great journaling lessons versus being the facilitator.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I have more journals than I have shoes.

A heartfelt thanks to Angie (Angela) for sharing her sense of humour and passion for journaling with us.  

Author: Angela Clay is a member of the International Association for Journal Writing. To learn more about Angela and her work in the world, please visit her website at