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Welcome to Writing for Emotional Balance!

As the author of Writing for Emotional Balance, I have condensed 35 years as a writer and a practicing clinical psychologist into this course.  Writing is not just a way to vent feelings; writing is a tool of psychological skill and development. I hope this course will give you a self-guided format for therapeutic insight and actual change.

Writing for Emotional Balance is a three-month (12 lessons, completed weekly or at your own pace) structured immersion in ideas, resources, and writing exercises that help emotional life feel more manageable, comfortable and rich. After decades of talking to people and encouraging journaling, I’m convinced that’s the heart of what many people seek in their personal writing.

The course is structured around 12 lessons and topics which introduce processes of emotional balance by offering: sequential lessons with brief descriptions of emotion balance skills, an illustrating writing exercise, and follow-up ideas/activities.  You also receive supplemental materials in the form of essays, audio clips, a guided visualization, reflective journaling prompts, as well as weekly quotes and tips. The lessons operationalize psychological skills and utilize a variety of writing techniques. They are delivered weekly in order to give you time to absorb your gains, which are not just information, but personal evolution.

Please know, I am with you through the journey too, and you can contact me with questions or for help with the process, should you wish to.  The best way to reach me is at jacobsbethpen@gmail.com

Thank you and best wishes with this learning journey.

Here is an overview of the 12 lessons ahead:

• Lesson 1: “I Just Don’t Notice My Emotions Enough”
• Lesson 2: Writing and Soothing
• Lesson 3: Emotional Triggers
• Lesson 4: Emotions and Perspective
• Lesson 5: Dreams and Emotions
• Lesson 6: Catching Emotional Projection
• Lesson 7: Positive Brain Training
• Lesson 8: Emotional Ruts
• Lesson 9: Time and Emotion
• Lesson 10: Emotions and Voices of the Past
• Lesson 11: Judgment: Black and White Emotions
• Lesson 12: Writing and Meditating

I’m really glad you have taken on this project and believe that you will encounter that magical truth of journaling: our own writing has enormous power to teach us.

Please note, all materials in this course are copyrighted by Beth Jacobs, 2018.  Course materials should not be shared with others.  Thank you for your integrity.

Enjoy this Writing for Emotional Balance journey!

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