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Welcome to this 4 week online course (that you are welcome to work through at your own pace), From Journal Entry to Personal Essay!

During this course, you’ll be receiving information that will help you write a polished personal essay on a topic of your choosing.  We hope you love this creative adventure!

I am happy you have chosen to concentrate on developing a journal entry into a well-crafted personal essay of up to 1500 words. We’ll work from a journal entry you have already written or one you write now for this self-study course. With three lessons designed to help you focus on a topic and employ the craft tools of building a personal essay and a fourth lesson that includes my personal response and editing ideas on the draft you’ve created, you’ll be set to polish the essay and share it with those you know and/or submit it to a venue looking for writings from personal experience. Learning how to utilize the craft tools I’ll share will help you in your future journal writing, too, as they lead to surprises in your writing that increase your desire to keep delving into your life experience.

In working through these lessons, you will go at your own pace. After taking your time reading the lesson documents, you’ll want to spend a half-hour to one hour of writing.

What to expect?
Each week, starting today, you will receive your weekly course lessons. These are self-guided lessons offering you both inspiration, information and guidance on how to go From Journal Entry to Personal Essay!

At week 4, you will be given an assignment to submit a piece of writing to receive specific, useful and supportive feedback from your instructor and author of this course, Sheila Bender.

Let the writing begin!

Please note, if you have any administrative/technical questions, please email me at Lynda@IAJW.org. If you have any content questions, please email Sheila at sbender@writingitreal.com. Thank you.

A friendly note on copyright: As always, the material that you are receiving is copyrighted, is for you only, and not to be shared with others without permission. Thank you for your integrity.