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A gift from Emma-Louise Elsey
Founder of

Fierce Self-Kindness:
35 Actions For You Mini-Workbook

Being kind to ourselves can be hard! And one of the challenges of self-kindness is deciding what to do. It could of course be anything at all—depending on what you need in that moment.

This mini-workbook will expand your idea of self-kindness, offering you some new and fierce possibilities that help you think bigger, and more broadly about what self-kindness looks like.

You’ll also make an action plan, choosing 3 kindness ideas to work with so you’re ready to act the next time you need some of your own kindness.

A gift from Sarah Haas
Founder of

Rev Up Your Midlife Metabolism eGuide
Proven strategies for midlife women
to burn fat and release weight

It’s no secret that our metabolism slows as we age. The roller coaster of hormones, muscle loss, and stress slows our fat burning engines.

But that doesn’t have to be the case! You deserve to feel great in your body, and that’s why I’m giving you my FREE e-Book with provenstrategies to help midlife women fire up their metabolisms, release weight, and reclaim their health.

A gift from Eric Maisel
Founder of 

Deep Writing Weekend Workshop 

Eric Maisel has been leading deep writing workshops all over the world, in cities like Paris, London, Prague, Dublin, and Rome and at workshop centers like Esalen, Omega, Kripalu, The Art of Living, and Hollyhock. In this information-packed pdf, he leads you through an intensive two-day self-paced version of his acclaimed live Deep Writing workshop. This workshop is great for getting back to your writing, incubating new ideas, finishing a writing project, and getting a lot of writing done over the course of two power-packed writing days.

A gift from Sandra Marinella 
Founder of

Storycatching Activities – Positive Writing for Personal Well-Being

With gratitude for all you do–here are six writing tools and prompts. These activities can help you, your clients, or your students to enhance self-understanding and to write for positive growth and well-being.

  1. Storycatching Survey—Exploring Your Stories that Matter
  2. Your Story Matters—Writing Story for Well-Being
  3. Growth Clusters—How to Wire Yourself with Positive Vibes
  4. Positive Writing—Creating a Personal Growth Story
  5. Positive Strengths Exercise—Overcoming the Inner Critic
  6. A Strength You Carry—Celebrating You!

With joy and appreciation, Sandra Marinella

A gift from Laura West
Founder of

JoyFlow Sightings Daily Journal 

Expand the Power of Positive Focus with the JoyFlow Sightings™ Journal!

Using the daily journal tracker will totally change your mindset. You will shift out of the Doubt Vortex and scarcity thinking into an AbundanceFlow Mindset™ of generosity, kindness and connectedness. You’ll learn how to redirect your focus, increase your confidence and trust in the future and open up your creativity. This daily practice changes your mental and emotional ecosystems so you can truly flourish!

Your gift from Hannah Braime
Founder of

A Year of Deep Writing Prompts  

A Year of Deep Writing contains 52 prompts for writing and journaling from the heart, one for each week of the year. With prompts to inspire self-expression, introspection, and a regular writing practice, A Year of Deep Writing will spark your imagination, ignite your passion for storytelling, and encourage personal growth. Download to start your year of deep writing today!

Your gift from Lynda Monk, Giveaway Host

Pathways to Possibilities:
44 Empowering Journal Prompts for Inspiration & Growth

Lynda Monk

This Pathways to Possibilities: 44 Empowering Journal Prompts for Inspiration & Growth offers you inspiration and ideas for exploring new possibilities in your life. Tap into your inner wisdom and resilience through these guided writing prompts. This gift includes inspiring quotes, prompts and perspectives on the value of opening to expanded possibilities in all areas of your life.  Anything is possible!

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