Here’s a wild and crazy idea for writers, artists and journal keepers, seeking inspiration to fuel their creativity.

This is inspired by my practice of bringing together three words that begin with the same first letter, or two letters, which then creates an alliance of alliterative assonance. When they arrive, which can be at any moment, any place or time, I jot them down in my little notebook. I always carry a little note book where ever I go, don’t you?

I have several collections of triplets now, which serve the philosopher-poet-me as points for pondering, writing promptsand suggestions of possible prospects of the literary kind.

semiotic triality, which is what I’m talking about here, simply means a threefold set of signs or symbols, in this case words. While their individual meanings may harmonize, diverge, or even clash, brought together they may suggest improbable, yet intriguing and novel, semiotic landscapes.

Frisson, fracture and foolishness” for example.

Or, “Increments, irony and tides of infamy.”

Notice that adding a preposition, conjunction or secondary descriptor may suggest a possible theme, or perhaps an essay title for some creation yet unthought but beckoning to be born.

triplet of your own making, or borrowed from another, might be a jumping off point for a poem, a story, or a composition of found images – a collage.

triality may be a ‘triviality’ (i.e. of no seeming significance) tempting you to try writing a verse or three, composing a melody, or sketching a wilderness landscape in three tones.

triplex could be a code to open a special locket, found in a misplaced pocket, or hidden drawer in your grandad’s antique desk.

Or, the map to a treasure chest ready to spill its secrets, if you dare take up the quest, follow the thread, play the game that for all intents and purposes seems like a trivial pursuit yet hinting of possible significance.

So, here is your writing prompt:

Make up, or borrow, a triad of three words beginning with the same letter, or two letters, and:

Start writing whatever comes using your chosen triplet-triality as a jumping off point. It may suggest a mood, a tension, a conflict, a description, a threesome of any kind.

Some examples: Tempests, temptations and temporalities. Poetry, placards and placemats. Tricksters, tramps and tropes. Fantasy, fabulation and frivolity.

While this endeavour could be the seed for a larger essay, poem, or novella don’t worry about that for now, just follow whatever the moment is offering you.

If you are a morning pages person, take a morning or two this week, and start off with a semiotic triplet, which may have occurred to you the previous day, that you dreamed last night, or was suggested by a conversation you had with a significant other. It could arrive from anywhere.

Are you paying attention?  The universe is flirting with you.

I would love to hear what you discovered, what was revealed. What you found out about yourself, your life, your world. What’s happening now, as you read these words?  Feel welcome to leave a comment below!

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Stay tuned, stay engaged. There’s more…

Part 2: Diving deeper into ‘word triplex’ and journal practice


About the Author:  Timothy Sullivan is an artist, painter, writer, and philosopher.  He is also a member of the You can learn more about his work on his website >>