Welcome & Lesson 1: From Journal Entry to Personal Essay Duncan’s Copy

Welcome to the six week program, From Journal Entry to Personal Essay

Sheila Bender and I are excited to start on this creative adventure together with you. You’ll be receiving information that will help you write a polished personal essay on a topic of your choosing.

What to expect?

Each week, starting today, you will receive your weekly course lessons.  These are self-guided lessons offering you both inspiration, information and guidance on how to go From Journal Entry to Personal Essay!  

At week 6, you will be given an assignment to submit a piece of writing to receive specific, useful and supportive feedback from your instructor and author of this course, Sheila Bender.

This is Lesson 1 and you are receiving:

  1. An hour long interview The Writer’s Journal which you can listen to by either (a) clicking here to listen online through a web browser, or (b) clicking here to download the mp3 file, so you can listen to the telechat whether or not you are connected to the Internet.


  1. Here is an essay by Sheila Bender, Sensory Details (simply click on this link to access this essay). There’s an exercise suggested.  Try it daily!  Feel welcome to share how this writing is going for you by sharing a comment below.  Your comments will be seen by Sheila, myself and other participants who are also taking this course at their own pace, just like you.

If you have any administrative questions, please email me at Lynda@IAJW.org. If you have any content questions, please email Sheila at sbender@writingitreal.com.

Write from the heart, Lynda

PS. As always, the material that you are receiving copyrighted, is for you only, and not to be shared with others without permission.  Thank you for your integrity.

Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC | Director of http://IAJW.org