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Autonomous Heart: A Journal Entry by Tim Sullivan

Tim Sullivan was recently featured in our IAJW Spotlight Interview.  He shared how he engages a specific inquiry process and then engages with journal writing to explore new insights and awareness. Tim says: Frequently, when I journal about a session, as I recall the experience I can re-enter the states as experienced and new realizations ... Read More >>

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A Journal Exercise Using the Steppingstones of Our Lives by Merle R. Saferstein

In Ira Progroff’s book, At a Journal Workshop, he introduces steppingstones, which are landmark events in one’s lifetime. They are milestones or pivotal moments—those events which come to mind when we reflect on the journey our life has taken from birth until the present. If you were to close your eyes and imagine you were ... Read More >>

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Words by Denise Simmons

Words Words created, used, shaped into form Expressions born Single, duo, trioʼs and more Language shopping store Fantasy of words, spoken, written, Sometimes signed Created master pieces, words, riddles, rhymes, Letters, even musical chimes Shaping lives, history, love and glory Expressions of real human stories Seeing in heart how words create beautiful Mosaic ART Leaving ... Read More >>

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The Role of Self in Service: Journaling to Discover Your Unique Contribution

The Role of Self in Service: Journaling to Discover Your Unique Contribution by Elizabeth Bishop Redefining Service You might say that we are all here with the ultimate purpose of serving each other. We are interconnected beings navigating the challenges and triumphs that make up our experience here on earth. The more we unite and ... Read More >>

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“Leave the light on” with journaling – Meet Cheryl Finley

BE inspired by Cheryl A Finley, IAJW Member from Western Springs, IL (Greater Chicago area), USA Why did you join the IAJW (International Association for Journal Writing)? I was delighted that after speaking with Lynda via phone, before joining, I sensed that the IAJW was a kindred community of like-minded folks centered around something so ... Read More >>

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YES – A Poem by Hiro Boga

YES now this is what I feed myself: sleep in the nest of my feather bed; buttered cream of wheat with goat’s milk and cardamom beethoven quartets, shimmering jazz renata tebaldi’s legs wrapped around verdi. poems that bloom like roadside daisies jane hirshfield, seamus heaney basho. rilke white chrysanthemums in a blue vase my fingers ... Read More >>

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